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Faculty of Nursing

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2021 | Keywords Breast Surgeries,
Effect of Body Image Satisfaction on Outcomes Among Women Undergoing Different Types of Breast Surgeries
bady imag satisfaction had importent effect on psychological status for women with reast surgery Read more

Effect of Self Care Education on Quality of Life and Body Image among Burned Patients
Bur hav a negative effect on QoL of patient and can imair their physiolgical, psychological, social and spiritual well-eing Read more

Impact of BASNEF Model Educational Program on Eye Care among Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetic Patients
BASNEF model education program on eye care among non-insulin dependent diabetic patiens Read more

2021 | Keywords critical thinking,
Impact of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills on Academic Achievement among Nursing Students
Nowadays all higher education institution should develop and enhace their studnts critical thininking and problem solving skills to be sure that its products meet or exceed market requirement Read more

2021 | Keywords Diabetes , Tele-nursing, Educat,
Effect of Tele-Nursing (Phone- Based Follow Up) and Educational Package on Life Style and Clinical Status for Diabetic Patients
Diabetes mellitus is one of the global healh problem. Telenursing is the use of technological resources and communication system in nursing to provide patient care Read more

2020 | Keywords gastrointestinal Disorders,
Influence of Teaching Lectures on Improving Nurses' Knowledge and Patients Outcomes Regarding Gastrointestinal Disorders during Hemodialysis Sessions
Gastrointestinal disorder are ost common in patient with end-stage renal failure who undergoing dialysis Read more

Effect of Exercises Guidelines Brochure on Daily Living Activities and Disease Symptoms for Patients with Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease
Parinson disease is a eurodegenerativ disease with sysptoms that effects many aspects of dialy life Read more

Effect of Diet and Walking Exercise on Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Patients
Diatary approaches to stop hypertention (DASH) has een show to effectively diminish systolic and diastolic blood pressure Read more

Effect Of Nursing Care Bundle on the Outcomes of Women Undergoing Breast Surgeries
Breast surgery typically can be divided into three gerneral categories, reducaion, augmenation Read more

2019 | Keywords congestive heart failure, mult,
Effect of applying a clinical pathway for patients with Congestive Heart Failure on their health status outcomes
One tme, heart failure turn into a ardiovasculer ondiion whose ocurrene and predominane are increasing Being a typical cause for urgent hospial admission, it is a noeworthy cause for morbidity and mortaliy or patient with CHF. Read more