Professor - Professor of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis

Faculty of medicine

Address: Nagee Elhakem, Elmaragh, Sohag, Egypt.



Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis

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nIt includes: n1-Central nervous system tuberculosis n2-superficial tuberculous lymphadenitis n3-Bone and joint tuberculosis n4-gastrointstinal tract and peritoneal tuberculosis n5-Genitourinary tuberculosis n6-Cutanous tuberculosis n7-Tuberculous pericarditis n8-Tuberculosis of the breast n9-Tuberculous pleural disease Read more


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lTuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by the pathogenic organism, mycobacterium tuberculosis complex: M.tuberculosis, M.Bovis, M.africanum. lToday T.B remains the leading cause of death from infectious disease in the world Read more

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