Hamdy Hassan El-sayed Mahmoud

Lecturer - It-Network Department

Faculty of Computers and Information

Address: سوهاج - سوهاج اول - برج الروضه



electronic commerce

2018-11-19 10:02:13 computer networks
, student learn annoncemets , marks, advertisment , banners, progects of industrials online ...eg Read more


2018-11-19 10:00:06 c++ language
student learn fundamentals of pascal programing language array, strings,records ..eg Read more


2018-11-19 09:57:20 theory of algorithms
student learn arrays , stacks ,lists,queries , shortest path algorithmes,dynamic programing Read more

network introduction

2018-10-31 08:20:53 computer networks
what the types of network define the deferent topologies of network describe the media communication of wired and wireless network choose the correct answer Read more

تطبيقات عمليه 2

2018-10-31 08:16:58 c++ language
write the code to compute the largest number ? write the code of buble sort , selection , insertion, merge sort algorithm..? write the code of linear and binary search algorithm? choose the correct ... Read more

نظريه الحوسبه

2018-10-31 08:13:48 theory of computing
define the turing machine ? write the automata shapes of the following..? descripe the grammer of the following ..? Read more

تطبيقات عمليه

2018-10-31 08:11:17 programming with VB.NET
write code of VB.net to do the folowing function..? choose the correct answer of the following? what the deference between if statment and switch statment Read more

theory of algorithmes

2018-10-31 08:03:54 theory of algorithms
the student learns the algorithm design and algorithm analysis Read more

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