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Faculty of medicine

Address: سوهاج - شارع الترعة المردومة - خلف المستشفى الجامعى



Publications Which contain the keyword: Swelling Pressure

2018-11-19 20:32:09 Keywords Expansive soil, , Qena, , Swelling Pressure,
Geotechnical Properties of Expansive Clay Shale in El-Mahrowsa, Qena, Egypt
This study aims to investigate the geotechnical properties of expansive clay shale in El-Mahrousa region, Qena, Egypt. For this purpose, two sites were chosen and three undisturbed samples were taken within the active zone at depths 1.0 m, 2.0 m and 3.0 m below the ground surface for each site. Different laboratory tests were carried out including, natural water content, ... Read more

2018-11-19 20:53:43 Keywords Bagasse ash, Expansive clay, Swelling Pressure,
Effect of Bagasse Ash on The Behavior of Expansive Clay in ELSalheya Area, Qena, Egypt
In recent years, the use of various waste materials in ground improvement has gained considerable attention worldwide in view of increasing costs of waste disposal and environment constraints. One of these waste materials is the sugarcane bagasse ash, which is obtained from the burning of bagasse in sugar producing factories. Qena governorate which is situated at 594 km south of ... Read more

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