Eman Muhammad Salah El-Deen Muhammad Shalabi

Professor - Professor Emeritus of Pathology

Faculty of medicine

Address: القوصية - محافظة أسيوط



Publications Which contain the keyword: orthoptopic

2018-10-04 11:51:50 Keywords orthoptopic, diversion, neobladder, Cystectomy,
Long- term outcome of orthotopic neobladder reconstruction after radical cystectomy- Sohag experience
to assess the long-term outcome of neobladder reconstruction after radical cystectomy Read more

2018-10-03 11:10:34 Keywords orthoptopic,
Orthotopic diversion after cystectomy in women: A single-centre experience with a 10-year follow-up
Abstract Objective: To evaluate and update the clinical and surgical outcome of orthotopic diver- sion in an eligible cohort of women with bladder carcinoma. Patients and methods: From 1999 to 2010, 78 women (mean age 42.4 years) had a radical cystec- tomy (RC) with orthotopic diversion using ileal neobladder reconstruction to treat invasive bladder carcinoma. The mean (SD) follow-up was ... Read more

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