This paper presents a novel optimal fuzzy proportional–integral–derivative (fuzzy PID) controller for load frequency control (LFC) designed by a proposed approach of mine blast algorithm (MBA) for multi-interconnected areas. The system includes reheat thermal connected power systems with the effect of the governor dead zone and turbine generation rate constraint nonlinearity. The proposed approach is used to determine the optimal parameters of the fuzzy PID controller to minimize the integral time absolute error. The proposed controller is inserted in multi-interconnected power systems which are built in Simulink/MATLAB library; triangular membership function is used for fuzzy PID controller. Additionally, the optimum adjustment of the fuzzy PID controller parameters under contracted scenario for large step demands and disturbances is investigated by MBA. The obtained results are compared to those obtained via antlion optimizer, artificial bee colony, hybrid differential evolution particle swarm optimization and hybrid PSO pattern search algorithm. The obtained results confirmed the superiority of the proposed MBA in designing the fuzzy PID-LFC as it provides less error with best statistical parameters compared to the others