Cadmium Selenide, CdSe, thin films deposited on different substrate types; FTO/glass,/glass, and ITO/glass substrates were produced by thermal evaporation method in the room temperature. The influence of different types of substrates on the structural, optical and electrical properties of the films was studied by X-ray diffraction and absorption photo spectroscopy respectively. X-ray diffractions revealed that all the CdSe films have a polycrystalline with cubic structure having preferred orientation (111) at 2θ ≈ 25.1°. The optical energy band, Eg, values support the fact that the films have semiconductor behavior which can be attributed to the quantum confinement effect. It was observed that the optical properties such as transmittance, reflectance, optical bandgap, and refractive index and some another parameters of CdSe films were strongly affected by types of substrates. The electrical properties were measured at