Background: Overexpression of receptor-type protein tyrosine kinases (PTKs) and alterations of
p53 are well known events in neoplastic cells and are associated with an aggressive tumor phenotype. To
date, our knowledge about PTKs and p53 expression in the neoplastic cells (epithelial and mesenchymal
cells) of hepatoblastoma is incomplete. Objectives: This study tries to address this issue and test the
hypothesis that “PTKs receptors and p53 protein expression is altered in hepatoblastoma”. Materials and
methods: The expression patterns of PTKs (epidermal growth factor receptor and KIT) and tumor
suppressor p53 protein) was examined in a case of hepatoblastoma using specific antibodies and
immunoperoxidase staining methods. Results:Cytoplasmic PTKs and p53 protein expressions were seen
in both glandular and mesenchymal component of the hepatoblastoma. Some nuclear p53 protein
expression was also seen. Conclusions: The expression of these proteins in hepatoblastoma suggests
their possible roles in histogenesis of these lesions.