Eman E Abu-Dief

Professor - professor of Histology,Faculty of Medicine,Sohag University

Faculty of medicine

Address: Histology Department- Faculty of medicine- Sohag University



Eman E Abu-Dief   is a Professor of Histology, Sohag  Faculty of Medicine,Sohag,Egypt was born in 20-01-1965 . She completed her undergraduate studies and MD in Asuit University( 1999)   and professorship in Sohag University ( 2010). She worked as the Head of Department of Histology in the period 2004-2011 , the Dean of Faculty of Nursing 2011-2015 and the Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy from 2015 - 2016.


 Her research interests lie in the area of morphological studies  of the liver, skin,

lacrimal and salivary glands , Kidney, skeletal muscles , testes ,

 pituitary gland, immune cells, apoptosis and autophagy.


She is the managing editor of Archives of Biological and Biomedical Research (ABBR), a Member of the editorial board of  the following journals ;International Journal of Advanced Biomedicine ,Current Trends in Liver Disorders and Therapy ,  Annals of  Histology and Surgical Pathology, Sohag Medical Journal and Cytology and Histology International Journal and a reviewer in Egyptian Journal of Histology.


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Formative Assessment
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Time table of Histology ,1st year,2nd block,1st semester,2018-2019
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Animal Models for Hepatic Fibrosis and Cirrhosis
Liver cirrhosis represents a major health problem. No effective anti-fibrotic therapy is available up till now. Understanding the pathogenesis of liver fibrosis is essential for developing new strategies for anti- fibrotic therapies. Animal models may be used for this purpose [1,2]. Animal models have several advantages compared to clinical studies including; the possibility of taking samples at different time-points, the ... Read more

2018-09-27 23:29:28 | Keywords α-SMA, α-SMA, cirrhosis, fibrosis, Apoptosis, Apoptosis, ,
Impact of omega-3 fatty acids on evolution of carbon tetrachloride- (CCl4) induced liver cirrhosis in mice : A histological and immunohistochemical study.
Introduction: Cirrhosis is the end stage of any chronic liver disease. It is characterized by diffuse fibrosis with disturbed hepatic architecture. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are common antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic agents Aim: This study was conducted to investigate the potential effects of omega-3 fatty acids on experimentally induced cirrhosis. Materials and Methods: 60 animals were divided into three groups: ... Read more

2018-09-27 23:37:02 | Keywords milk thistle, ultrastructure, liver,
Ultrastructural, Histochemical and Biochemical effects of Titanium dioxide nanoparticles in Adult male albino rat liver and possible prophylactic effects of Milk thistle seeds.
Bachground: Lead is considered an important cause of the infertility among occupational workers .The present work was done to study the histological changes in the testicles of adult albino rats after lead treatment for different periods, and the role of vitamin E in minimizing these changes. Material and Methods: Forty five adult rats were used in this study. They divided ... Read more

2018-09-22 22:22:05 | Keywords prostate, infarcts,
Prostatic infarct: A case report and review of literature
This study reports a 56 years old male patient with a history of sudden urinary retention and high level of prostatic specific antigen. Suprapubic transvesical prostatectomy was done and revealed enlarged prostate with a large, circumscribed area of infarction. On histology, a well-circumscribed zone of coagulative necrosis, haemorrhage, surrounding reactive squamous nests with reactive atypia (prominent nucleoli, and frequent mitoses) ... Read more

2018-09-23 11:05:30 | Keywords chemical peeling, collagen fib,
Dermal morphological changes following salicylic acid peeling and microdermabrasion.
Background: Microdermabrasion and chemical peeling are popular, inexpensive, and safe methods for treatment of some skin disorders and to rejuvenate skin. Objectives: To study the alterations of the dermal connective tissue following salicylic acid peeling and microdermabrasion. Methods: Twenty patients were participated in our study. All participants underwent facial salicylic acid 30% peel or microdermabrasion (10 cases in each group) ... Read more

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