This study investigates the application of the sliding mode controller (SMC) for induction motor drive variable-displacement pressure-compensated pump (VDPC) system powered by an isolated wind/storage unit. The variable-speed wind turbine (WT) is proposed to drive a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) which, feeds a storing energy unit and stand-alone dynamic load. Energy storage systems are required for power balance quality in isolated wind power systems. Initially, the holistic model of the entire system is achieved, including the PMSG, the uncontrolled rectifier, the buck converter, the storage system, induction machine and the VDPC pump. The power absorbed by the connected loads can be effectively delivered and supplied by the proposed WT and energy storage systems, subject to sliding mode control. The main purposes are to supply 220 V/50 Hz through a three-phase inverter and adjust the IM speed and VDPC pump flow rate. The performance of the proposed system is compared with the neural network control and the conventional PID control. The simulation results show that the proposed system with the SMC and neural network controllers has good performance and good prediction of the electrical parameter waveforms compared with the case of the conventional PID controller