Objectives: To assess the prevalence and severity of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in patients with

Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) under Hhaemodialysis (HD) in Sohag city, Upper Egypt. Patients and Methods: Two hundred fifty patients had CRF from two HD units in Sohag city, Upper Egypt were subjected to questionnaire of International Index of Erectile Function-5 (IIEF-5). Mean serum creatinine and hemoglobin level were calculated.

Results: An estimate prevalence rate of ED in CRF is about 76.8%; 22.4% patients had mild to

moderate ED and 54.4% had moderate to severe ED. A statistically significant relation between age and the severity of ED was reported at age of 30-50 years with the highest severity over 50 years (54.4%). The duration of CRF revealed a highly statistically significant relation to the occurrence and severity of ED. 94.3% of patients showed no improvement of ED after HD, while 5.7% only showed partial improvement. No statistically significant relation was found between the serum creatinine and level of hemoglobin and the occurrence of ED.

Conclusions: A greater awareness of ED problem is needed by physicians in HD units. A larger sample of patients should be obtained for more conclusive results, also investigative techniques should be done mainly for proper differentiation between organic and psychogenic ED and proper estimation of the urea reduction rate for proper assessment of the efficacy of haemodialysis and its effect on ED.