Various zirconia content in ZrO2–TiO2 mixed
oxide catalysts (x=5, 10, 20 ZrO2wt%) were synthesized
by cost-effective sol–gel process and characterized by
different techniques, i.e. XRD diffraction patterns, TG–
DTA analyses, FTIR spectroscopy, N2
adsorption/desorp-tion measurements, and TEM microscope. The investiga-tion of the acidic/basic properties was studied by means of
FTIR spectroscopy using pyridine as an adsorbed mole-cule. Characterization estimates exhibit that the deposition
by ZrO2improves the surface properties of TiO2structures
and increase the TiO2 surface area up to 92 m
/g. TEM

results affirmed the homogeneous distribution of ZrO2

particles on the surface of TiO2of particle size in the range
of 12–17 nm. The performance of the prepared zirconia–
titania catalysts with different concentration ratios in
acridine derivates synthesis from hydroxyl-benzaldehyde
was studied. The results of catalytic test reveal that, the
activity of ZrO2–TiO2catalysts was significantly enhanced
by depositing an optimum amount ratio of ZrO2 reach to
10 % to raise the yield to 95, 97 and 99 %. This can be
attributed to the higher its surface area and its performance
as basic site catalyst in the studied test.