This paper aims to characterize historical mortars taken from joints in Loom Factory site at
Abydos Sohag (Egypt). This characterization includes their composition and technology, their
state of preservation as well as provides a guide for their possible conservation process. A
multidisciplinary approach has been adopted for investigations. Samples were investigated by
means of visual inspection, polarizing microscope (PM), scanning electron microscope (SEM)
coupled with energy dispersive X-ray unit (EDX), powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), hydrochloric
acid (HCl) attack, sieving analysis, deferential thermal analysis (DTA-TG) and physical tests.
Obtained results allowed to fully characterize mineralogical, chemical, and mechanical
properties of selected mortar samples. They show a similarity of type, and binder/aggregate
ratio. This similarity can be attributed to one building phase using the same source of