Study of SALL 4 GENE in acute leukemia

SALL4 was expressed in AML cases and to a lesser extent in B – ALL cases.  A common pathway shared by  the leukemogenesis of precursor B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphomas and acute myeloid leukemia is suspected, but the precise stage position of B-cell/myeloid common progenitor population needs further definition within the hematopoietic paradigm.


Øfurther studies are recommended for identification of these B/myeloid common progenitors which support the concept that the development of the B-cell and the myeloid lineages is more closely related than that of either cell type with the T-cell development.

  • Further studies are recommended to study the expression of SALL4 gene in different FAB subtypes with different types of blasts which help in detection the significance of SALL4 expression and help better understanding of the role of SALL4 oncogene in the process of leukemogenesis and focusing on SALL4 in various stem cell models which may help to address the fundamental connection between chromatin structure and cell function which help in better understanding the role of SALL4 gene in leukemogenesis in order to develop new therapeutic strategies in management of  leukemia.