Purpose The purpose of this study is to assess compliance
with fluoride gel custom trays in irradiated head and neck
cancer patients.
Methods and materials One hundred fifty-five consecutive
patients on remission following radiation therapy of head and
neck cancers were assessed retrospectively for dental care
practices prior to radiation and prospectively for long-term
compliancewith customtrays fromNovember 2009 to January
2010. A five-item questionnaire was filled in by patients in the
waiting room, and a 15-item questionnaire by the physician in
charge during the corresponding follow-up visit.
Results Ten percent of patients were edentulous at inclusion.
Among dentate patients, 17% had total extractions.
With a mean follow-up of 24 months, 19% of patients used
custom trays for over a year. Primary stage, age, and
tobacco consumption were correlated with compliance with
custom trays. More than half of dentate patients developed
carious lesions, and 8% had stage 1–3 osteoradionecrosis of
the whole population of edentulous and dentate patients.