tPurpose. – Primary cardiac sarcomas represent less than 10 yearly cases in France. Their median survivalis approximately 18 months. The treatment consists of surgery when possible. The role of chemotherapyand radiation therapy is controversial, especially with respect to limiting cardiac radiation dose that istheoretically incompatible with the requirement of a tumoricidal dose for sarcoma. A recent series of 124cases of the French Sarcoma Group suggested a benefit of radiation therapy on progression-free survival.Patients and methods. – The dosimetric data of 12 patients were analyzed.Results. – There was variety in radiotherapy modalities and definition of target volumes, doses andtechniques are evolving more conformal plans. Irradiation appeared feasible with conventional fractio-nation with respect to toxicities (although probably underestimated due to short follow-up and dismalprognosis) and previously demonstrated benefit of radiotherapy for primitive cardiac sarcomas.