The study aim to estimate the level of some hormones and free fatty acids which have a role in
metabolic processes and its relation to obesity and diabetes 2 type. Cortisol, growth and thyroid
hormones were determined by ELISA in serum of 85 subjectes including 30 controls, 31 non-diabetic
obese and 24 obese diabetic. Obesity is described according to BMI. Blood pressure and glucose level
were measured for all participants. Free fatty acids (FFAs) analysis was performed by gas
chromatography technique. Hormonal assays were performed by ELISA methods Results: Blood levels
of cortisol in non-diabetic obese subjects was non-significantly decreased compared to control group,
while in obese diabetic group increased significantly compared to non-diabetic obese subjects. Growth
hormone in both non-diabetic obese and obese diabetic groups was decreased compared to controls.
Thyroid hormones T
3 and T4 showed a non-significant decrease in non-diabetic obese subjects
compared to control group, however, increased significantly in obese diabetic group compared to nondiabetic obese group. Blood FFAs showed various changes in unsaturated and saturated among the
three groups. In conclusion, the present study found that changes in the levels of cortisol, growth
hormone and thyroid hormones were correlated with BMI and the level of FFAs in serum.