At one time scientists believed that our DNA carry the key to preventing and reversing disease, but now we  know that the environment and not our genes is the primary triggering of health and longevity. The science of epigenetics is explaning what we’ve long think about our biological destiny upside/ down. Although it remains that our DNA and our genetic code get us the blueprint for our physiological activity, scientists have discovered that there’s something extra controlling our genes. Food and herbs may in fact be the most important evidences in our genetic well-being. The extra “something” controlling our genes is the epigenome (i.e., the cellular material) that sits on top of the genome. While epigenomes do not alter the genetic code, they direct genes to switch on (expressed) or off (not expressed) through a variety of biological mechanisms. This finding means that your genetic heritage is not the primary determinant of your health, disease risk, or longevity.