Oxidation of Schiff Base Complexes - Kinetic Aspects

oxidation of Schiff Base amino acid complexes

In this work, the reaction between Fe(II) Schiff base complexes and H2O2 was carried out in aqueous, co-organic media and in the presence of added salts. Moreover the activation parameters were calculated and discussed. The Kinetic measurements confirmed the pseudo 1st – order rate dependence in both [complex] and [H2O2]. The suggested mechanism was involved the attack of hydroperoxo ion (HOO-) on the electrophilic carbon azomethine to form the intraperoxo – complex intermediate via which the oxidation reaction of Fe(II) to Fe(III) is catalyzed in slow steps. There is an enhancement of the rate constant upon adding salts with low concentrations, which agrees with the anionic nature of the reactants in the rate controlling step, RCS.