The current study was conducted on 110 lung samples from 2 - 3 years old imported beef cattle slaughtered at the Middle East abattoirs of Abu-Simbel city –Aswan Governorate- Egypt, in the period from July 2017 to March 2018. The aim of the present work was to characterize and detect the incidence rate of the pulmonary affections. During the postmortem examination, the pulmonary affections were recorded grossly and specimens were taken for histopathological examinations. The histopathological examinations revealed that 36 samples (32.7%) showed fibrinous pleuropneumonia. According to the characteristic features of lesions in the microscopical studies, we grouped them into (a) Acute fibrinous pleuropneumonia in 31cases (28.1 %) and (b) Organized fibrinous pleuropneumonia in 5 cases (4.5 %). The causes of these affection and their importance were discussed.