Cystic echinococcosis (CE) are commonly found in the liver and lungs of affected hosts. The treatment approach
is usually surgical, or giving drugs in conjunction before surgery to kill protoscolices, to avoid anaphylactic shock from
leakage of hydatid fluid into the peritoneum and to decrease opportunities for recurrences. The present study was to
evaluate the in-vitro scolicidal efficacy of hydroalcoholic extract of Punica granatum peel and Nigella sativa, on the
protoscolices of CE that collected from the lungs of infected camels. Different concentrations of extracts with different
exposure times were used and a viability assay was applied to measure the scolicidal effect. N. sativa showed its highest
scolicidal efficacy at 100 mg/mL and 10 mg/mL concentrations after 30 and 60 min. P. granatum peel extract showed its
maximum scolicidal efficacy at 100 mg/mL concentration after 120 min. All experiments of the current study revealed
that the extracts of both N. sativa and P. granatum had a scolicidal effects on the protoscolices of camel hydatid cysts.
It could be concluded that N. sativa extract is more potent than P. granatum peel extract regarding scolicidal effect, but
the efficacies of both extracts were of moderate significant correlation to exposure time and concentrations