Professor/Gharib Fawi mohamed

Professor - Professor of neurology and chairman of the department of neurology and psychological medicine

Faculty of medicine

Address: Sohag .gomhoria street



Pediatric neurology

2018-10-10 15:27:26 |

Tubers sclerosis 

2018-10-15 20:50:38 | Pediatric neurology
Uncommon cases of stroke
Uncommon Causes of stroke... Read more

2018-10-15 20:59:11 | Pediatric neurology
Indication of mechanical  thrombectomy
Indications of thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke... Read more

2018-10-26 14:18:56 | Pediatric neurology
White matter leasions
White matter leasions... Read more

2018-10-26 11:45:22 | Pediatric neurology
Diagnostic criteria of NMO spectrum
Diagnostic criteria... Read more

2018-10-29 15:35:23 | Pediatric neurology
Management of childhood stroke
Discuss causes and management of stroke in children... Read more

2018-10-31 13:26:19 | Pediatric neurology
Cerebello-pontine angle tumors
differential diagnosis... Read more

2018-10-31 13:30:12 | Pediatric neurology
2 – Refsum disease
2 – REFSUM DISEASE... Read more


2018-10-22 18:57:54 Pediatric neurology
Neuropathy Read more

Rare etiology for splenum of corpus call

2018-10-25 19:51:03 Pediatric neurology
Anterior cerebral artery dysection aneurysm Read more

CADSIL update

2018-10-26 17:20:50 Pediatric neurology
CADSIL Read more

ICHge score

2018-10-26 17:23:55 Pediatric neurology
ICHge Read more

neuroimaging of CADSIL

2018-10-29 11:20:44 Pediatric neurology
neuroimaging Read more


2018-10-29 11:23:31 Pediatric neurology
neuroimaging Read more

Autosmal recessive HSP

2018-10-29 07:58:35 Pediatric neurology
Table for DD of HSP Read more

Neurorecovery after stroke

2018-10-29 11:38:09 Pediatric neurology
Neurorecovery after stroke Read more

post stroke motor function

2018-10-31 09:55:02 Pediatric neurology
post stroke motor functions Read more

endovascular coiling

2018-10-31 13:10:29 Pediatric neurology
endovascular Read more

different neuropathic pattern

2018-10-31 13:15:20 Pediatric neurology
neurophysiological Read more