Alaa- Eldin Hassan Mohamed (Alaa Elsuity)

Professor - Professor of General Surgery

Faculty of medicine

Address: 25 El-Gomhoryia Street- Elmoubarak Tower-Sohag



House Officers Training Course In General Surgery

2018-10-25 13:12:27 |

By the end of the General Surgery rotation, H.O. will be able to:
1. Carry out a focused history taking, do physical examination, justify the
diagnosis, discuss management plans, and perform relevant follow-up of the
progress of the following clinical conditions (At least one patient for each
clinical condition)
 - Wounds and ulcers
- Swellings
- Common infections (e.g. Hand infections, face infections, erysipelas)
- Anal disorders – Hernias – Breast masses – Jaundice - Acute abdomen
- Inguino-scrotal swellings
- Common neck swellings (thyroid, Lymph nodes)
 - Varicose veins
- Foot problems in diabetics
 - Dyspepsia
2. Provide 1st aid measures for acute abdomen.
3. Identify common surgical instruments and describe their use.
4.Prepare patients for different operative intervention
5. Provide the appropriate postoperative care6-Identify cases that need hospital admission.
7. Write medical reports for referral and requests for investigations.

House Officers Training Supervision in General Surgery
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House Officers Log Book In General Surge

2018-10-25 13:28:49 House Officers Training Course In General Surgery
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