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Faculty of Computers and Information

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theory of computing

2018-10-30 14:58:47 |

Central to the theory of computation are the concepts of automata, formal languages, grammar, algorithms, computability, decidability, and complexity. Why study theory when the current focus of Computer Science (and all the more so for Information Systems) is on technology and the pragmatic areas of knowledge concerned with the development and management of computer information systems? The reasons are manifold. Theory provides a simple, elegant view of the complex machine that we call a computer. Theory possesses a high degree of permanence and stability, in contrast with the ever-changing paradigms of the technology, development, and management of computer systems. Further, parts of the theory have direct bearing on practice, such as Automata on circuit design, compiler design, and search algorithms; Formal Languages and Grammars on compiler design; and Complexity on cryptography and optimization problems in manufacturing, business, and management. Last, but not least, research-oriented students will make good use of the theory studied in this course.

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2018-10-31 08:13:48 theory of computing
define the turing machine ? write the automata shapes of the following..? descripe the grammer of the following ..? Read more