Dr. Ahmad Mokhtar Hamed Abodahab

Lecturer - PACS & Teleradiology Unit Administrator - Radiology Department

Faculty of medicine

Address: Egypt - Sohag University - Faculty of Medicine



Lectures For Medical Students

2021-09-15 18:40:39 |

Lectures & Rounds
For Medical Students  


Dr. Ahmad Mokhtar Abodahab 
Lecturer of Radiology - Faculty of Medicine 
Sohag University 

2021-09-15 18:43:32 | Lectures For Medical Students
Introduction To Imaging Modalities
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTaEDka95-E&list=PLqU6GNJJ8xwkhCDPznBYkvG3_NXZt-B17&index=1... Read more

Radiology Cases Review - For 5th Year St

2021-09-16 23:34:43 Lectures For Medical Students
Radiology Cases Review - For 5th Year Students 2021 Edited By Dr. Ahmad Mokhtar Abodahab Reviwed By Dr. Mahmoud Yosef Under Supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Zakey A Read more