A sinusoidal wave of frequency f is traveling along a stretched string. The string is brought to rest, and a second traveling wave of frequency 2f is established on the string. The wave speed of the second wave is (a) twice that of the first wave

(b) half that of the first wave

(c) the same as that of the first wave

(d) impossible to determine.



Which of the following will cause the fringes in a two-slit

interference pattern to move farther apart?

(a) decreasing the wavelength of the light

(b) decreasing the screen distance L

(c) decreasing the slit spacing d

(d) immersing the entire apparatus in water.



A monochromatic light with a wavelength of λ = 600 nm passes through a single slit which has a width of 0.8 mm.

(a) What is the distance between the slit and the screen be located if the first minimum in the diffraction pattern is at a distance 1 mm from the center of the screen?

(b) Calculate the width of the central maximum.