Prof. Dr. Ibrahim A. Abbas

Professor - Department of Mathematics

Faculty of science

Address: Sohag University, Egypt.



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2019-10-02 07:58:10 Keywords Faris S Alzahrani, Ibrahim A A, living tissue,
Analytical estimations of temperature in a living tissue generated by laser irradiation using experimental data
This paper presents an analytical approach associated with Laplace transformation, experimental temperature data, and a sequential concept over time to obtain the thermal damage and the temperature in a living tissue due to laser irradiation. The analytical solutions in the Laplace domain are appreciably obtainable. The thermal damage to the tissue is completely assessed by the denatured protein range using ... Read more

Fractional Order Photo-Thermoelastic Interaction in a Semiconducting Media Containing a Spherical Cavity Subjected to Pulse Heat Flux
In the present study, the theory of generalized photo-thermoelasticity under fractional order derivative was used to investigate the coupled of thermal, plasma, and elastic waves on unbounded semiconductor medium with spherical hole during the photothermoelastic process. Without neglecting the coupling between the thermoelastic and plasma waves that photo-generated through intensity modulated laser beam and tightly focused, a semiconducting isotropic elastic ... Read more