Asem Elsani Mohamed Ali Hassan

Professor - Professor of General and Laparo-endoscopic Surgery, General Surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of medicine

Address: Towers' area, Corniche Al-Nile Street, Nida, Sohag



Welcome at the official site of Prof. Asem Elsani Mohamed Ali Hassan; Professor of Surgery and endo-laparoscopy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sohag, Sohag, Egypt.

2018-10-15 19:07:29
Revision for final year medical students - Surgical imaging, Monday 11am-15 pm, October 15, 2018, Lectures halls
* Types of surgical imaging * Contrast studies Plain X-ray abdomen * Orientation * Position of the patient * Criteria of the ideal film * Interpretation * Indications * (Surgical significance (Diagnostic value Barium swallow Barium meal Barium follow-through Barium enema Cholangiography CT abdomen Mammography Read more

2018-09-15 03:13:08
Clinical teaching round for Final year medical student every Monday, 9.30-11.30 am at the Uni-clinic teaching building
* Case presentation and discussiion * History taking and Surgical examination * Surgical Imaging * Surgical pathology * Surgical instruments and tubes * OSCE training * Free surgical discussion * Case scenarios Read more

2018-09-12 03:09:26 | Keywords appe, Complicated appendicitis,
Early surgical intervention in appendicular mass: Is it safe?
Objective: To evaluate the safety and outcome of early appendectomy in appendicular mass especially in the era of laparoscopy. Patients and methods: A prospective study of 39 patients who were operated for appendicular mass in the period from September 2005 to October 2009. Early appendectomy was performed through open (OA) or laparoscopic techniques (LA). Results: 21(53.8%) females and 18 (46.2%) ... Read more

2018-10-07 20:51:53 | Keywords morbid obe, sleeve gastrectomy, Bariatr,
Bariatric surgery between encouragement and inhibition, Sohag experience of first 30 cases with encouraging results (A single center case series study).
BACKGROUND: Bariatric surgery is associated with improved co-morbidities, quality of life,and survival in severely obese patients. Common bariatric surgery procedures include Roux-en-Y gastric bypass(RYGB), laparoscopic adjustable gastric band(LAGB), and sleeve gastrectomy (SG). Currently, literature studying comparative effectiveness on different bariatric surgery procedures. OBJECTIVES: To compare effectiveness of laparoscopic bariatric surgery procedures performed in our center. SETTING: laparoscopy unit, general surgery ... Read more

2018-09-11 22:09:39 | Keywords Steatosis; Liver transplantation; Fatty ,
Impact of graft steatosis on postoperative complications after liver transplantation.
Non-alcololic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has a great concern in regards to liver transplantation (LT); from becoming the second most common cause of of transplant candidates due to its high worldwide prevalence and from the other hand, the urgent need for increasing the donor pool by using marginal donors with graft steatosis, especially in living donor LT. It has been ... Read more

2018-10-06 04:16:04 | Keywords stromal tumou, gastric tumours,
Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs): aggressive tumours overlooked by many surgeons.
ABSTRACT Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs) are neoplasms that arise either from the mesenchymal tissue of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) or, rarely, from other intra-abdominal soft tissues. They represent the most common (85%) mesenchymal tumors that affect the GIT, and form 0.1% ̶ 3% of GI malignancies. More than 80% occurs in individuals older than 50 years, with no sex predilection. ... Read more

2018-09-12 02:32:28 | Keywords Gallbladder perforation Surger,
Surgical and non-surgical treatment of non-traumatic gallbladder perforation.
Objective: Our aim was to present a single-center experience in the management of gallbladder perforation (GBP). Patients and methods: Adult patients who had GBP were managed surgically and percutaneously. Patients who were high risk surgical candidates or who refused surgery were managed by image guided percutaneous drainage. Results: Thirty-seven patients (21 males, 16 females) with an average age of 64 ... Read more