Dr. Ashraf Oukasha Abd El-latif

Assistant Professor - Associate Professor (Insect Physiology), Department of Plant Protection

Faculty of agriculture

Address: Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag Universiy, Sohag, Egypt




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I am an Entomologist specializing on insect physiology and biochemistry. I got my Ph.D. degree in Insect physiology from Entomology Division, Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi, India.

My research started on the mechanism of insecticide resistance in different insect species (e.g. American bollowrm, Termite) against synthetic pyrethroids, and currently working with my students on the status of insecticide resistance and its mechanism in different insect species such as peach fruit fly, potato tuber moth and tomato leafminer. 

Work on termite brought me in contact with Dr. Jan Šobotník and his group at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czech Republic, who pioneered phermones in termite species. We could identify the sex phermone and trial phermone in the sand termite, Psammotermes hybostoma. 

I have recived a fund from STDF to study the Inhibitors of Insect Gut Proteases as we screened the Egyptian cereals and pulses germplasms for their inhibitory effect against cystein and papain insect enzymes. We could characterize a potential enzyme inhibitors which could be used for the production of genetically modified plants. Currently we have a joint project with Dr. Elena N. Elpidina of Lomonosov Moscow State University to study the joint insecticidal action of plant peptidase and amylase inhibitors and natural Cry3Aa toxin of Bacillus thuringiensis on the larvae of three species of beetle pests.

Along with my M.Sc. Students we started to focus on insect microbiology with two different approaches the first is the Isolation, molecular characterization of native Bacillus thuringiensis isolates and their potential toxicity against major insect pest species while the second approach is the Characterization and Identification of the gut-bacteria symbiosis and its biological functions in the American bollworm.

2018-09-11 13:47:49
XXVI International Congress of Entomology
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2018-09-10 18:40:19
مواعيد الأرشاد الأكاديمى لطلاب  البكالوريوس
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2018-09-10 18:37:09
مواعيد الأرشاد الأكاديمى لطلاب الدراسات العليا
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2018-09-07 17:36:36 | Keywords pyrethroid resistance, Termite,
Pyrethroid Resistance and Its Mechanism in Field Populations of the Sand Termite, Psammotermes hypostoma Desneux.
Termites are eusocial insects that are found on all continents except Antarctica. Termites have serious destructive impact, damaging local huts and crops of poor subsistence. The annual cost of termite damage and its control is determined in the billions globally. In Egypt, most of these damages are due to the subterranean termite species especially the sand termite, P. hypostoma. Pyrethroids ... Read more

Evaluation of some herbicides efficiency on sugarcane crop
The present study was carried out at Kom-Ombo Agricultural Research Station Farm, Aswan Governorate, Agricultural Research Centre, Giza, Egypt, to evaluate the herbicide treatments on different weed species in sugarcane fields and their control methods on yield and quality of sugarcane. The obtained results revealed that, the weed species observed in the sugarcane field were twelve weed species belonging to ... Read more

ITS sequence as barcode for identifying closely related species of Chelonus blackburni Cameron, and Apanteles angaleti Mueseback, a biocontrol agent of cotton ecosystem
The most important point for the success or failure of biological control is the correct identification of the pest or the natural enemy especially when either the pest or the natural enemy has closely related species that are often morphologically indistinguishable differing only in their behavior and physiology. In the current, the ITS sequences (Internal Transcribed Spacer) of two parasitoid ... Read more

Estimation of the annual field generations of Parlatoria blanchardii and prediction of its expected peaks using thermal units accumulation under Luxor governorate condition, Egypt
The date palm scale, Parlatoria blanchardii (Targioni-Tozzetti) is a target pest of date palm trees causing severe damage resulting in early leaves drop and yield reduction. In the current study, the approximated numbers, occurrence date, size of the generations and their peaks of P. blanchardii were determined during two succesive seasons (2010/2011 & 2011/2012) in order to predict the degree ... Read more

2018-09-07 17:58:36 | Keywords protease inhibitors; proteases; cowpea; ,
Bio-potency of serine proteinase inhibitors from Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) seeds on digestive proteinases and the development of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisduval)
Serine protease inhibitors (PIs) have been described in many plant species and are universal throughout the plant kingdom, where trypsin inhibitors is the most common type. In the present study, trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibitory activity was detected in the seed flour extracts of 13 selected cultivars/accessions of cowpea. Two cowpea cultivars, Cream7 and Buff, were found to have higher trypsin ... Read more