Hassan Mohamed Hassan Ali Elalaf

Lecturer - Lecturer - Physiology Dept. - Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of medicine

Address: Egypt- Sohag - Sohag city - ZIP Code: 82519


Special Informations: Hassan Mohamed Hassan Ali Elalaf
Full Name Hassan Mohamed Hassan Ali Elalaf
Email hassan_elalaf@med.sohag.edu.eg
Gender Male
birth date 1974-01-21
Faculty Faculty of medicine
Degree Lecturer
Address Egypt- Sohag - Sohag city - ZIP Code: 82519
Current Position Lecturer - Physiology Dept. - Faculty of Medicine
Academic Information
General Specialization Human Physiology
Title of Master Thesis in Arabic "بعض القيم التنفسية الطبيعية في أهالي مدينة سوهاج بالنسبة للمجموعات العمرية المختلفة"
Title of Master's Thesis in English "Some normal respiratory values in the population of Sohag city in relation to different age groups"
Title of PhD thesis in English Mutant IDH1 Dysregulates the Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Association with Gene-Specific Histone Modifications to Cartilage- and Bone-Related Genes
Supervisory and administrative functions Deputy Director “Quality Assurance” Unit - Faculty of Medicine - Sohag University - Egypt - November 2019
Phone 932712124
Fax 934602963
Mobile 01229124208
Google Scholar URL https://scholar.google.com.eg/citations?user=7thFsRAAAAAJ&hl=en
Linked in URL https://eg.linkedin.com/in/hassan-elalaf-a38343115
Research Gate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Hassan_Elalaf
EKP بنك المعرفة المصري https://www.ekb.eg/en/web/researchers/home
A brief about me

Education and Qualification:

  •  PhD (medical Science-Physiology)  - May 2016 - Kyoto University ( Japan)
  •  Master degree ( Human Physiology) - March 2006 - Sohag University ( Egypt)
  •  Bachelor degree (MBBCh) - Sept. 1997 -  South Valley University ( Egypt)   

Current Job description duties:


  • Participation in Physiology syllabus design for 1st and 2nd Year
    medical undergraduate students.
  • Conducting lectures in designated Physiology Topics.
  • Supervision of Physiology Practical lessons.
  • Participation in student office hours.
  • Participation in Written exams, oral exams, OSPE preparation and evaluation for respective students.

Laboratory experience:

  • Practical Topics for Human Physiology for undergraduate medical students
  • Pulmonary Physiology , Spirometry
  • Basic small lab animal techniques
  • Molecular Biology related,
    • Cell Culture
    • DNA , RNA and Protein extraction
    • Qualitative and  Real time PCR
    • Immunocytochemistry
    • Western Blotting
    • Plasmid Propagation and isolation

Recent attended Workshop:

  • TOT workshop - July2018
  • PhotoShop Workshop - April 2018
  • Small lab animal ,husbandry and techniques – February 2017
  • University administration, December 2015
  • National and international research projects, November 2015
  • Code of Ethics, November 2015
  • Quality standard in Teaching, November 2015



  • Language,
    • Native: Arabic
    • Foreign: English, fluent
  • Computer Skills,
    • ICDL
    • Working experience with SPSS, WondershareQuizCreator
  • Social Skills,
    • Team work
    • Multinational work environment

Awards and Scholarship:

Egyptian Government PhD Scholarship at Kyoto University – Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences - between April 2009 and March 2013.

2011 - Kyoto - Kamo River bank - Toguchida Lab. members