Dr. Mohamed A. Orabi

Lecturer - Rural Sociology

Faculty of agriculture

Address: Sohag, Egypt



 This Academic-Educational website is basically created for two main purposes; a communicational tool as well as an educational channel. I hope it can achieve some enhancement in both of these two important goals. 

Dr. M. A. Orabi

2022-05-07 03:02:20
خاص بطلاب المستوى الثالث (جميع البرامج) كلية الزراعة بسوهاج 2022
تم مد تسليم المهمات والواجب الخاص بمقرر التنمية البشرية على منصة زاد حتى تاريخ 25 مايو 2022 د. محمد عرابي Read more

2022-05-07 03:01:05
خاص بطلاب المستوى الثاني - علوم اقتصادية
تم مد تسليم المهمات والواجب الخاص بمقرر التنمية الريفية حتى تاريخ 25 مايو 2022 د. محمد عرابي Read more

2022-05-07 03:00:03
خاص بطلاب المستوى الرابع- علوم اجتماعية
تم مد تسليم المهمات والواجب الخاص بمقرر المؤسسات والمنظمات الاجتماعية حتى تاريخ 25 مايو 2022 د. محمد عرابي Read more

2022-05-07 02:56:44
خاص بطلاب المستوى الأول- زراعة سوهاج 22
تم مد تسليم المهمات والواجب الخاص بالبحث الميداني لمقرر أساسيات الاجتماع الريفي حتى تاريخ 25 مايو 2022 د. محمد عرابي Read more

2021-12-20 04:24:54
لايف الاستعداد للامتحانات GPS
لايف الاستعداد للامتحانات GPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiPGM9HdMlg Read more

2023-02-04 03:39:00 | Keywords Social determinants; Sustainab,
Social determinants of rural people Benefit from the field schools in the field of environmental conservation from pesticide pollution in a village in Buhaira Governorate
Empowering rural people as Change agents is one of the sustainable development primary goals to deal with changes resulting from land degradation and population growth by educating rural people sustainable use of natural resources the practices . the research aimed to identify the most independent variables related to activating the role of field schools in modifying some rural behaviors to ... Read more

2022-12-26 00:15:39 | Keywords Rural family’s disintegration,
A social study of some factors associated with the family’s disintegration in Rural of Sohag Governorate, Egypt
This study aimed mainly to identify some of the factors related to the family disintegration, that affect the respondents in the rural of Sohag Governorate, Egypt, and to determine the relative importance of some factors affecting the family disintegration that could affect the respondents in the research area. Furthermore, to identify some aspects of the family disintegration, and to identify ... Read more

2022-12-25 23:56:51 | Keywords entrepreneurial intention,
A study on entrepreneurial intention among the rural - agricultural students
This study examined entrepreneurial intention of undergraduate agriculture students from rural origin at Sohag university- faculty of agriculture. The perceived motivations and obstacles to entrepreneurship among students are also examined. Despite the fact that there have been many studies dealing with students' entrepreneurial intentions, few have specifically addressed the entrepreneurial intentions of agriculture students. The goal of this study is ... Read more

2022-12-26 00:29:13 | Keywords Internal Migration,
The Impact of Internal Migration on Economic and Social Situation of Rural Women in Some Villages of Sohag Governorate
This research aimed to identify the impact of internal migration on the economic and social conditions of rural women, to identify the level of economic and social conditions for rural women, and to identify the most important causes of internal migration from the point of view of migrant wives. The research was conducted in Sohag Governorate and three administrative centers ... Read more

2020-04-03 03:01:31 | Keywords Gender Empowerment- Developmen,
Are the ICTs Able to Empower The Rural Women in The Developing Countries? A Socio-Economic Comparison between Egypt and India.
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have been increasingly promoted as a key solution for comprehensive development, poverty eradication and the empowerment of historically disadvantaged groups, such as women and minorities in the world. ICT-based initiatives and projects have been hailed as “potential goldmines” for women’s empowerment. However, research and experience shows that to be successful, initiatives and projects must balance ... Read more

Task no. 3 مهمة رقم
رجاء رفع المهمة رقم ٣ Read more

مهمة رقم ٢ أساسيات اجتماع ريفي
رجاء رفع المهمة رقم ٢ دفعة أولى ٢٠٢٢ Read more

Task No. 1 /2022
رجاء رفع المهمة الأولى هنا لدفعة أولى ٢٠٢٢ Read more

تنمية المجتمع الريفي القروي
تسليم واجبات المقرر Course Assignments Read more