Mohamed Ebeed Hussein

Lecturer - Power systems& Electrical Machines

Faculty of engineering

Address: Sohag university- Faculty of engineering- Electrical Engineering Department


A comprehensive model of C-UPFC with innovative constraint enforcement techniques in load flow analysis
Center-node Unified Power Flow Controller (C-UPFC) is a recent developed Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) device. C-UPFC is a combined shunt-series controller that connected at the midpoint of transmission lines to control various parameters such as, voltage magnitude at midpoint of line, active and reactive powers flow at both ends of line. This paper proposed an efficient modelling with handling ... Read more

Solving Non-Smooth Optimal Power Flow Problems Using a Developed Grey Wolf Optimizer
The optimal power flow (OPF) problem is a non-linear and non-smooth optimization problem. OPF problem is a complicated optimization problem, especially when considering the system constraints. This paper proposes a new enhanced version for the grey wolf optimization technique called Developed Grey Wolf Optimizer (DGWO) to solve the optimal power flow (OPF) problem by an efficient way. Although the GWO ... Read more

2018 | Keywords D-FACTS , UPQC, Capacitor,
Optimal Allocation of Compensators
Electric distribution networks mainly deliver the electric power from the high-voltage transmission system to the consumers. In these networks, the R/X ratio is significantly high compared to transmission systems hence power loss is high (about 10–13% of the generated power). Moreover, poor quality of power including the voltage profile and voltage stability issues may arise. The inclusion of shunt capacitors ... Read more

Chapter 7 - Optimal Power Flow Using Recent Optimization Techniques
Optimal power flow solution gives the best secure operating point according to certain objective functions and satisfying the operation constraints of the system. Different objective functions in power systems can be optimizely achieved. These objectives can be; the total losses of transmission lines, total generation cost, FACTS cost, voltage deviations, total of power transfer capability, voltage stability, emission of generation ... Read more

An efficient hybrid approach for optimal allocation of DG in radial distribution networks
This paper proposes a hybrid method to determine the optimal locations and sizes of renewable Distributed Generation (DG) sources in radial distribution system (RDS). The proposed method is based on Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithm (MFO) and the loss sensitivity factor (LSF). The most candidate locations for incorporating of DG are determined using LSF while MFO algorithm is employed to find the ... Read more

Ant lion optimization technique for optimal capacitor placement based on total cost and power loss minimization
The utilization of fixed capacitors (FCs) in shunt connection is one of the common methods to improve the power quality of distribution systems. In this paper, a novel optimization technique called Ant lion optimizer (ALO) is used to determine the optimal generated VARs capacity and locations of FCs. The objective functions are adopted to minimize the total distribution power loss ... Read more

An improved moth‐flame optimization algorithm for solving optimal power flow problem
This paper proposes an improved moth flame optimization (IMFO) algorithm to effectively solve the optimal power flow (OPF) problems. The concept of moth flame optimization (MFO) is inspired from the movement of moth towards the moon direction. IMFO is mainly based on the concept of MFO with modifying the path of moths in new spirals around the flame. Standard IEEE ... Read more

2017 | Keywords Newton-Raphson,
Constraints Violation Handling of GUPFC in Newton-Raphson Power Flow
Generalized Unified Power Flow Controller (GUPFC) is one of the newest Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) devices based on voltage source converters. This paper presents a developed model of GUPFC based on power injection approach. The series converters of GUPFC is represented by injected complex loads as function of the specified powers flow, while the shunt converter is represented as ... Read more

Constraints violation handling of SSSC with multi‐control modes in Newton–Raphson load flow algorithm
The static synchronous series compensator (SSSC) is an important component of flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) devices. SSSC can be used to control the active and reactive power flow in transmission lines. This paper presents a simplified model for SSSC in Newton–Raphson (NR) load flow algorithm. It also presents strategies for handling the operating constraints of SSSC including the series‐injected ... Read more

Solution of Economic and Environmental Dispatch with Valve Point Effect Using Moth Swarm Algorithm
In this paper, a new bio inspired optimization technique called Moth Swarm Algorithm (MSA) is developed to find the optimal solution for Combined Economic and Environmental dispatch (CEED) problems. Its aim to minimize both the operating fuel cost and emission levels simultaneously while satisfying load demand and operational constraints. The CEED problem is formulated as multi-objective function by considering the ... Read more