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استاذ مساعد - امين مجلس قسم الروماتيزم والتاهيل

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العنوان: Sohag University- Faculty of Medicine- Rheumatology and Rehabilitation department



Supervising post graduate research work

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* Supervisor in master degrees of the residents of rheumatology, Sohag University and Sohag Health Insurance. * Supervisor in MD degrees of assistant lecturers and specialists of rheumatology, Sohag University. إقراء المزيد

seminar in DD of Osteoarthritis

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two sessions for teaching types of osteoarthritis, examinations and methods of ttt إقراء المزيد

follow up of inpatients in rheumatology department

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follow up and assessment for patients who are admitted in the rheumatology department, with discussing their diagnosis and method of treatment إقراء المزيد

seminar in systemic sclerosis

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one day discussion for diagnosis and mangment of systemic sclerosis إقراء المزيد

Musculoskeletal examination day

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Post graduate teaching for musculoskeletal examination and applying these in differentiating different diseases إقراء المزيد

Perineural injection

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It is 3 days work shop for knee, back and shoulder treatment through perineural injection techniq إقراء المزيد

work shop for shoulder joint injection

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It is a one day work shop for teaching different methods of shoulder joints injection إقراء المزيد

work shop for Intra-articular injection

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It is a lecture and work shop for teaching postgraduate doctors in rheumatology department, the different methods of intra-articular joints injections إقراء المزيد

- EULAR on-line introductory ultrasound course, 7 modules ...

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It is 7 months online course for learning bascis of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound use for diagnosis of different Rheumatic diseases. إقراء المزيد

- GCP refresher session on 20th August 2010., ...

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It is a one day work for good clinical practice in research work إقراء المزيد