Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Wahab

Professor -

Faculty of science

Address: Department of Botany and Microbiology - Faculty of Science - Soahag University - Sohag 82524 - Egypt



Plant Pathology for fourth year Chemistry and Botany ...

2018-10-24 08:37:50 0 Supplement | 0 Task
This course develops your understanding of fungal plant diseases; terminology used for plant diseases, host-parasite relationships, their life cycles, and ways they can be controlled both with and without chemicals. Practical skills in field ... Read more

Soil Microbiology for Applied Microbiology Diploma students

2018-09-13 20:08:51 0 Supplement | 0 Task
This course for postgraduate diploma students. The course covers soil profile, how soil are formed, types of soil and microbial groups in the soil that include: bacteria, actinobacteria, archaea, algae, fungand protista. Each microbial ... Read more

Industrial Microbiology for fourth year Chemistry and Microbiology ...

2018-09-13 13:56:06 5 Supplement | 1 Task
The course aims to provide students with basic terms and knowledge of industrial microbiology begining with choosing the best microrganism suitable for industry, raw material used for growing microbes in industry, media com[ostion and ... Read more

Soil Mycology for Third Year Chemistry and Microbiology ...

2018-09-13 13:48:11 3 Supplement | 1 Task
This is an introductory course that cover general characteristics of soil fungi - methods used in their taxonomy - general features, major prders and families of eachy phylum and give an example of life ... Read more

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