Eman E Abu-Dief

Professor - professor of Histology,Faculty of Medicine,Sohag University

Faculty of medicine

Address: Histology Department- Faculty of medicine- Sohag University



Publications Which contain the keyword: anxiety

2018-11-20 01:45:10 Keywords metamotivation, self-regulation, strategic compentence, anxiety,
Enhancing EFL At-risk Students’ Meta-motivational Self-regulation: Immediate and Delayed Impact on Their Strategic Competence Academic Achievement, and Anxiety
ABSTRACT _Self-regulated language learning-- referring to language learners’ awareness and self-management of their own learning behaviors -- has been the target of research on language education lately. Yet, most language research endeavors and instructional interventions thereof have focused on cognitive and metacognitive self-regulation with very scanty empirical focus on (meta-) motivational self-regulation heretofore. The issue gains particular impetus with EFL ... Read more

2018-10-16 22:09:37 Keywords anxiety, Epilepsy , depression,
Epilepsy correlates of depression and anxiety in patients with idiopathic epilepsy
Background and aim of the study: Psychological disorders especially depression and anxiety occurs more commonly in epileptic patients than non-epileptics. We aim in this study to determine frequency and factors implicated in the development of depression and anxiety in patients with epilepsy. Patients and Methods: A total of 100 consecutive patients with epilepsy attending outpatient clinic and epilepsy clinic at ... Read more