Mohamed Ebeed Hussein

Lecturer - Power systems& Electrical Machines

Faculty of engineering

Address: Sohag university- Faculty of engineering- Electrical Engineering Department



Publications Which contain the keyword: Newton-Raphson

A comprehensive model of C-UPFC with innovative constraint enforcement techniques in load flow analysis
Center-node Unified Power Flow Controller (C-UPFC) is a recent developed Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) device. C-UPFC is a combined shunt-series controller that connected at the midpoint of transmission lines to control various parameters such as, voltage magnitude at midpoint of line, active and reactive powers flow at both ends of line. This paper proposed an efficient modelling with handling ... Read more

2018-09-20 14:36:36 Keywords Newton-Raphson,
Constraints Violation Handling of GUPFC in Newton-Raphson Power Flow
Generalized Unified Power Flow Controller (GUPFC) is one of the newest Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) devices based on voltage source converters. This paper presents a developed model of GUPFC based on power injection approach. The series converters of GUPFC is represented by injected complex loads as function of the specified powers flow, while the shunt converter is represented as ... Read more

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