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2018-10-31 10:04:20 الكلمات المفتاحية Salivary gland, Histology, Rare cancer, Adenoid cystic,
A rationale for chemoradiation (vs radiotherapy) in salivary gland cancers? On behalf of the REFCOR (French rare head and neck cancer network)
Salivary gland carcinomas constitute a heterogeneous group of tumors, with over 20 histological subtypes of various prognoses. The mainstay of treatment is surgery, with radiotherapy advocated for unresectable disease or postoperatively in case of poor prognostic factors such as high grade, locally advanced and/or incompletely resected tumors. Concurrent chemotherapy is sometimes advocated in routine practice based on criteria extrapolated from ... إقراء المزيد

Distribution and morphology of defensive acid-secreting glands in Nudipleura (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia), with an emphasis on Pleurobranchomorpha.
Secretion of acidic substances with defence and repellent properties is known in several metazoan taxa, including Gastropoda. Here we investigate and compare defensive acid-secreting cell types of various genera within the heterobranch taxon Pleurobranchomorpha by analysing the sizes and distribution of the secretory epithelial cells and subepithelial glands of the epidermis. Additionally, we investigate the median buccal gland (MBG), which ... إقراء المزيد

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