Mohamed Ebeed Hussein

Lecturer - Power systems& Electrical Machines

Faculty of engineering

Address: Sohag university- Faculty of engineering- Electrical Engineering Department


Special Machines (المحركات الخاصة)
COURSE OBJECTIVES * To know the importance, usage advantages and disadvantages of special machines. * To define the type of special machine needed for each application based on the characteristics of each. * Treatment all the problem which may occur in practice and introduce the solution * Distinguish between the conventional and special eclectic machines. INTENDED LEARNING OUTCOME By the ... Read more

Properties of   Electrical Materials
COURSE OBJECTIVES Help the students to understand of Electrical materials and their characteristics. Electrical materials application in electrical equipment. Teach the student the physical bases of the superconductivity of some materials. Teach the student the characteristics of Conductors, semiconductors and dielectric Teach the student the magnetic and optical properties of materials INTENDED LEARNING OUTCOME :By the end of this course ... Read more

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