This work aims to evaluate the effect of environmental factors, including temperature, humidity,
and light, on the quality of a drug substance or a formulated product which is utilized for
prediction of its shelf life, to determine proper storage conditions and to suggest labeling
instructions. Moreover, the data generated during the stability testing is an important requirement
for regulatory approval of any new drug or formulation. In this work, stability studies were
performed on Microcapsulated Sorafenib-loaded Carbon nanotubes (Microcapsulated SFNloaded CNTs) which were developed for studying the effect of different storage conditions such
as morphological shape, drug content and release profile of the drug from Microcapsulated SFNloaded CNTs. Microcapsules were stored for three months at 30 ˚C and 40 ˚C in 75±5% Relative
Humidity (RH) in thermostatically-controlled cabinet. The stored formulae showed accepted
properties of morphological shape and drug content. Regarding the release profile of drug, the
obtained results indicated that the storage of Microcapsulated SFN-loaded CNTs for three months
at stress conditions has a minimum effect on the rate of drug release.