: The Britain's public education system is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Business , Innovation and Skills . The local authorities (LA) are responsible for implementing public education policies , with supervision public schools at the local level . Britain has achieved - in its public education - the principles of free education for all , education that achieves equal educational opportunities , and is linked to work most closely , education that provides general culture in accordance with the English concept of general culture , education that removes barriers between public education and vocational education , education that strikes a balance between desires Individuals and community needs . The Britain's public education spending is second only to health within public spending in the UK , at around £ 90 billion in ( 2017-2018 ) , or about 4.3% of national income. From a review of Britain's experiences in financing public education we draw the following results : - There is a partnership between colleges of education in Britain to support public education schools through teachers ’communication with professors of colleges of education through the site that links schools and colleges with work to establish camps within colleges of education in which school teachers and other college students from various disciplines participate in developing the cooperative work . - Professional and labor unions in Britain participate in continuous awareness among their members in the field of educational expenditures in orderto support educational funding