Introduction: Exposure to lead is still a major medical dilemma in both environmental and occupational settings. The toxicity of lead, on adult female reproduction results in reduce fertility and low pregnancy .outcomes

Aim of the work: The aim of the present work is to study the effect of lead acetate on the development .of ovary on albino rats

Materials and methods: In this study a total of 20adult pregnant female albino rat were used. The animals were divided into two  group each consist of 10 rat: Group 1(control) : received distilled water .Group 2(lead treated): received lead acetate in dose of (640mg/kg), were administrated orally on every day from gestational day 10 to post natal day 21.then 10 female pups from each group were randomly selected, sacrificed at age of one and two weak  then ovary was taken and subjected to light microscopic .study

Result: lead exposure was dangerous, caused severe pathological changes in the ovarian follicle in the form of delayed development of primordial follicle,damage to granulosa cell and degeneration to oocyte .

Conclusion: Lead suppresses the development of primordial follicles during fetal and neonatal life. Severe pathological changes in primary and secondary follicles with increased number of atretic follicles.