COVID-19 the disease caused by a new coronavirus has quickly raised the world
concern by spreading globally at an accelerated rate and is considered now a
pandemic, according to the World Health Organization. However, data regarding the
situation of pregnant women with COVID-19 infection is still very scanty.
The pregnant women are considered a unique challenge during the COVID-19
pandemic and several questions about pregnant women and their newborns are not
answered yet, whether they will develop distinct symptoms from non-pregnant
patients and the ability of COVID-19 to spread vertically which may add more threats
to the fetus and neonate. Previous studies have shown a higher fatality rate among
pregnant women with SARS and MERS when compared with the available data
regarding COVID-19 with pregnancy.
The aim of the current review is to highlight the vague points of COVID-19 infection
during pregnancy, taking into consideration the clinical dilemma, diagnostic
challenges and paying much attention to all adverse pregnancy outcomes such as
intrauterine infection, maternal-fetal complications, and therapeutic controversies.