PURPOSE: To evaluate the corneal and conjuctival manifestations of patients with positive Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Sohag Province, Egypt.
PATIENTS& METHODS: 63 patients who suffered from COVID-19 in the period 10–24 May 2020 at Sohag Tropical Medicine Hospital were enrolled in this study; they were subjected to anterior segment examination by the portable slit lamp or bedside examination.
RESULTS: The study included 63 patients 37 male patients (58.7 %) and 28 female patients (44.4 %). The mean age of patients was 36.12± 14.24 with age range [19:71ys]. 13 cases were presented with anterior segment manifestations. 5(7.9%) patients suffered from conjunctival hyperemia, 2 (3.1%) patients suffered from follicular conjunctivitis, 2 (3.1%) patients presented with conjunctival chemosis and 2(3.1%) patients (one of them was on mechanical ventilation) suffered from subconjunctival hemorrhage.
Conclusion: Important number of COVID-19 patients are presenting with ocular complaints mainly anterior segment manifestation like conjunctival hyperemia and follicular conjunctivitis. Infection prevention protocols are mandatory to limit potential ocular transmission of COVID-19 during the pandemic.