Background: The production of healthy sperms from testicular tissues which able to successfully fertilize the mature egg is the main target of the recent studies. Recently dietary supplements composed from multi-natural products extracted from medicinal herbs are used for sperm parameters improvement compared with chemically-based synthesized drugs. This traditional method of treatment is safe, effective and low costed compared with the chemical-based synthesized drugs treatment.

Objectives: We will investigate the efficacy of Manfort on a total number of 33 patients (n = 33) suffering from low sperm count or azoospermia. It is expected that Manfort will improve the semen parameters qualities.

Materials and methods: In this study we prepared a dietary supplement called “Manfort” composed from multi-active antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Results: The semen parameters of patients treated with Manfort showed an improvement in most of semen parameters. Compared with the semen parameters before treatment, the semen volume significantly increased 1.4 times in the patients consumed Manfort. The sperm concentration of low sperm counts and azoospermia patents increased 5.2 times and 0.5 times respectively. Sperm motility also elevated into 2.1 times as compared with same data before Manfort consumption. Additionally, the number of white blood cells in the semen significantly decreased in the treated patients with Manfort.

Conclusion: The data obtained from this study introduced important information about nature products extracted from medicinal herbs and its role in the infertility treatment.

This study recommends the use of dietary supplements which contain multi-active antioxidants ingredients to improve semen parameters.