Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief Mohammed

Assistant Professor - Assistant professor of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Faculty of science

Address: Behind hospital of Sohag University - Ali Ebn Abi Taleb Street



Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief  Mohammed, Assistant professor of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry at Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Sohag University, Sohag, Egypt and  Post doctor, Faculty of Chemistry, Oviedo University, Spain, 2015.  He  published more than 88 articles in international journals, 11 books and participates in more than 80 workshops and international conferences with h-index 37. Moreover, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief works as a reviewer in 106 international journals and member of editorial board in more than 58 journals. Furthermore, he supervised 14 master and 4 PhD students.









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2019-04-27 13:23:29
عناوين المحاضرة التاسعة والاخيرة  فى مادة الكيمياء التناسقية
لطلابى الاعزاء من الفرقة الرابعة تربية كيمياء اليكم عناوين المحاضرة التاسعة والاخيرة فى مادة الكيمياء التناسقية لتسهل المتابعة مراجعة النظريات المختلفة لتفسير الشكل التركيبى للمتراكبات حل بعض المسائل على حساب طاقة الشبكة البللورية الاجابة على الاستفسارات المختلفة حول المنهج Read more

2019-04-17 08:52:32
عناوين المحاضرة الثامنة  فى مادة الأطياف
لطلابى الاعزاء من الفرقة الثالثة تربية كيمياء فى مادة الأطياف الجزيئية اليكم عناوين المحاضرة الثامنة لتسهل المتابعة * مراجعة كل تم دراسته خلال المنهج فى المناطق الطيفية المختلفة * حل بعض المسائل Read more

2019-04-16 09:31:49
عناوين المحاضرة الثامنة  فى مادة الكيمياء التناسقية
لطلابى الاعزاء من الفرقة الرابعة تربية كيمياء اليكم عناوين المحاضرة الثامنة فى مادة الكيمياء التناسقية لتسهل المتابعة 1-التشوهات فى المتراكبات 2-عيوب نظرية المجال البللورى Read more

2019-04-09 16:59:49
عناوين المحاضرة السابعة فى مادة الكيمياء التناسقية
لطلابى الاعزاء من الفرقة الرابعة تربية كيمياء اليكم عناوين المحاضرة السابعة فى مادة الكيمياء التناسقية لتسهل المتابعة 1-العوامل التى تؤثر على مقدار الانشقاق فى الاوربتال d 2-حساب طاقة الشبكة البللورية Read more

2019-04-09 16:53:51
عناوين المحاضرة السابعة فى مادة الأطياف الجزيئية
لطلابى الاعزاء من الفرقة الثالثة تربية كيمياء فى مادة الأطياف الجزيئية اليكم عناوين المحاضرة السابعة لتسهل المتابعة * اوجه الشبه والاختلاف بين الامتصاص الذرى والانبعاث الذرى * تطبيقات جهاز الامتصاص الذرى * التألق والوميض الجزيئى Read more

2021-06-07 00:04:00 | Keywords Hetrogenous catalysis,
Heterogeneous Catalysis For Synthesis Of Some Heterocyclic Compounds
Novel environmental catalysts were prepared from the reaction of Cu (II), Fe(III) and Pd(II) ions with some pyranothiazole ligands (PTP, MPTP and CPTP) were synthesized. Bi-dentate pyranothiazole ligands (PTP, MPTP and CPTP) were synthesized by reaction of (Benzaldehyde, 4-methoxybenzaldehyde or 4-chlorobenzaldehyde), malononitrile, 2, 4-thiazolidinedione and piperidine. Structures of all the investigated ligands were characterized by their melting points, 1H NMR, ... Read more

2021-05-22 00:05:27 | Keywords Chemical re, Azomethine ligand,
Synthesis and intensive characterization for novel Zn(II), Pd(II), Cr(III) and VO(II)-Schiff base complexes; DNA-interaction, DFT, drug-likeness and molecular docking studies
A novel bioactive series was synthesized from Zn(II), Pd(II), Cr(III) and VO(II) ions with a new Schiff base derivative (HNP) [HNP = 1-(Pyrimidin-2-yliminomethyl)-naphthalen-2-ol]. Read more

2021-05-21 23:57:51 | Keywords Ultrasonic irradiation,
Rapidly, highly yielded and Green Synthesis of Dihydrotetrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine Derivatives in Aqueous Media using Recoverable Pd(II) Thiazole Catalyst accelerated by ultrasonic: Computational Studies
Here, we synthesized new thiazole complexes from Cu(II), Fe(III) and Pd(II) ions. Such complexes were characterized to present their chemical formulae, Read more

2021-05-04 22:48:52 | Keywords
Opinion on The Development of  Nanotechnology for Treatment  of Coronaviruses
nparalleled public health danger. The disease was discovered in late December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, with an exceptionally high rate of spread. The virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), has infected over 118 million people and caused 2.5 million deaths in 216 countries, with the numbers continuing to rise. There are currently no officially licensed vaccines or antiviral drugs ... Read more

2021-04-18 00:50:32 | Keywords anti-cancer, Antimicrobial,
Temperature and salt effects of the kinetic reactions of substituted 2-pyridylmethylene-8-quinolyl iron (II) complexes as antimicrobial, anti-cancer and antioxidant agents with Cyanide ions
Kinetics of substitution reaction of three high spin pyridylmethylene-8-quinolyl iron (II) complexes by CN- ions are studied spectophotometrically in various ratios of aqueous-methanol binary mixtures at 298 ± 0.2 K. Kinetics of the substitution reaction follow the rate law (k2[CN−][complex])on applying of the conditions of the pseudo-first-order. Reactivity of the reaction was investigated in terms of organic ligand moiety and ... Read more

2021-02-08 02:25:31 | INSTRUMENTS & LAB SAFETY: SCI 101
Trure of false
Put true or false * You should always wash your hands before and after lab. 2. Food and drinks are allowed in the lab. 3.Lab coats much be taken off when exiting the lab and entering a non-laboratory area. 4. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is a method employed in a laboratory setting to prevent contamination, accidents and injuries. Read more

2021-02-08 01:28:39 | INSTRUMENTS & LAB SAFETY: SCI 101
Good work practices
Good work practices include, a. smelling and tasting chemicals b. not washing hands before and after lab c. confining long hair and loose clothing d. using damaged equipment and glassware. Read more

2021-02-08 01:24:27 | INSTRUMENTS & LAB SAFETY: SCI 101
Fire in the laboratory
If there is a fire in the laboratory what are the right steps that should be taken? a. Use fire extinguishers to put out the fire b. Wait for someone to come c. Shut off the gas and electricity only if you know how to; close the doors; exit the building; pull fire alarm (located by each exit) on the ... Read more

2021-02-08 01:20:36 | INSTRUMENTS & LAB SAFETY: SCI 101
Chemical spill
In the event a chemical spill (such as an acid or base gets into your eyes or on your skin), what should you do? a. Immediately rinse affected area in running water for 15 minutes and get a cold shower if needed b. Report to Public Safety c. Run to get health services Read more

2021-02-07 23:46:07 | INSTRUMENTS & LAB SAFETY: SCI 101
diluting an acid with water
When diluting an acid with water, always remember to: a. Pour water into acid b. Pour acid into water c. Add both at the same time Read more