Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abu-Dief

Professor - Professor of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

Faculty of science

Address: Behind hospital of Sohag University - Ali Ebn Abi Taleb Street




2023-04-04 02:21:46 0 Supplement | 14 Task
This course includes corrosion definition and its cost. Electrochemical nature and types of corrosion. Corrosion rate measurements. Pourbaix diagram of metals. Localized Corrosion. Corrosion Environment and corrosion protection Read more

General Chemistry

2021-12-13 00:35:06 0 Supplement | 0 Task
This course is an introduction to the basic principles, laws and theories of modern chemistry. General topics covered are: measurements, atomic structure, compounds’ formulas and names, periodic table of the elements, chemical bonding, calculations ... Read more


2021-02-07 23:35:42 0 Supplement | 8 Task
The course is proposed to provide an understanding of the basic safety laboratories. The course covers general information on responsibility for accident prevention including the use of personal protection equipment and following laboratory protocol. ... Read more

Advanced Physical Chemistry

2020-10-25 01:47:32 0 Supplement | 5 Task
يتناول هذا المقرّر دراسة العناصر الأساسية للكيمياء الحركية , كما يتناول العلاقة بين سرعة والية التفاعلات كما يتم تعريف الطالب بالطرق العملية لحركية التفاعلات وأنواع الطرق العملية ويعطى شرح أساسيات الطرق المختلفة. كما سيتناول ... Read more

General Chemistry for Engineering students

2020-09-14 00:46:02 0 Supplement | 40 Task
GENERAL COURSE Objectives: 1- Recognize basic concept and importance of chemistry 2- Determine qualitative and quantitative stoichiometry of the substances 3- Establish the formula and structure of the chemical substances 4- Recognize principles of ... Read more

Selected topics in physical chemistry

2020-01-30 11:34:57 0 Supplement | 18 Task
NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY CHEM 445 COURSE DESCRIPTION Nuclear chemistry is the study of nuclear reactions, with an emphasis on their uses in chemistry and their effects on biological systems. Nuclear chemistry affects our lives in ... Read more

Physical Chemistry 2

2019-10-13 01:39:22 0 Supplement | 18 Task
The course contains two parts of physical chemistry 1- Chemical kinetics 2- Electrochemistry Read more

Physical Chemistry 3

2019-10-13 01:13:45 0 Supplement | 44 Task
Physical Chemistry III covers the introduction of quantum chemistry and molecular spectroscopy. In quantum chemistry, students are exposed to the basic principles that govern the structure and properties of individual atoms and molecules. The ... Read more

كيمياء الأطياف الجزيئية

2019-03-23 22:40:38 6 Supplement | 7 Task
يتناول هذ المقرر دراسة المناطقة الطيفية المختلفة وتطبيقاتها ويتم تدريسه لطلاب الفرقة الثالثة تربية كيمياء Read more

الكيمياء التناسقية

2019-03-19 15:10:00 6 Supplement | 8 Task
يتم تدريس هذا المقرر للفرقة الرابعة تربية كيمياء ويتناول النظريات المختلفة لتكوين المتراكبات وثباتها والعدد التناسق والأشكال الهندسية المختلفة للمتراكبات Read more