Nano particles are arguably used in the biomedical field. Cancer remains a significant public health threat. Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) are a natural choice for treatment of cancer, due to their simplicity of preparation, their unique optical characteristics, stability, electronic structure, nanostructure, biocompatibility, flexibility in sensing and detection. AuNPs can be conjugated with all the human body’s physiological mechanisms. Various nanomaterials strategies have been approached to increase tumor selectivity, therapeutic index, and anticancer activity, as the standard drug delivery method lacks proper distribution of chemotherapeutics given the complexity of the cancer cells. Recent studies have revealed that AuNPs can readily be modified to allow direct pharmaceutical drug delivery to the target tissue. AuNPs can also deliver their contents in response to external or internal stimuli after approaching their target site. Accordingly, we discussed advanced AuNPs features that showed great potential in improving precision treatments in both non-personalized and high accuracy applications and highlighted the in-depth role of nanotechnology-based medication delivery as well as the most difficult aspect of medicinal effectiveness and safety.