The main objective was to evaluate the diagnostic tools used for diagnosis of stage I ovarian cancer. 

Patients & methods:

     This is a descriptive study was conducted during the period from 1999 to 2003 at Sohag University Hospital. 53 patients out of 212 had stage I ovarian cancer was included in the study. They subjected to thorough history taking, proper examination and routine investigations. Ultrasonography with Doppler flowmetry, CT, IVP and CA-125 were done for all patients. Surgical staging and histopathological examination of all specimens was carried out 


     Ovarian cancer represented the most common type of genital tract malignancy 124(64.92%). 53(25%), 11(5.18%), 114 (53.77%) and 34(16.03%) cases were diagnosed as stage I, II, III and IV respectively. 27 patients (50%) with stage I ovarian cancer were symptomless at time of diagnosis. The most common symptoms in stage I ovarian cancer was abdominal swelling or fullness. 


     Both of CT scan and Ultrasonography examination were found to be better than the clinical impression based on symptoms and signs in predicting the malignant nature of ovarian masses.