This study proposes the generalised unified power flow controller (GUPFC) model in the hybrid current power mismatch Newton–Raphson formulation (HPCIM). In this model, active power, real and imaginary current components are injected at the terminals of series impedances of GUPFC. These injected values are calculated during the iterative process based on the desired controlled values and buses voltage at the terminals of GUPFC. The parameters of GUPFC can be calculated during the iterative process and the final values are updated after load flow convergence. Using the developed GUPFC model, the original structure and symmetry of the admittance and Jacobian matrices can still be kept, the changing of Jacobian matrix is eliminated. Consequently, the complexities of the computer load flow program codes with GUPFC are reduced. The HPCIM load flow code with the proposed model is written in C++ programming language. Where, the SuperLU library is utilised to handle the sparse Jacobian matrix. The proposed model has been validated using the standard IEEE test systems.