Age and growth, reproductive strategy, mortality and yield per recruit analysis are essential to evaluate
the fishery status of fish stocks. The fishery status of five-lined snapper Lutjanus quinquelineatus in
Hurghada fishing area was assessed based on the monthly representative samples covered 12 months
from January to December 2016. The von Bertalanffy equation for the growth in length was: Lt = 35.5 [1
- e-0.35(t + 1.3)]. The total mortality coefficient 'Z', natural mortality coefficient 'M', and fishing mortality
coefficient 'F' were estimated at 1.84, 0.69, and 1.15 year-1, respectively. The current exploitation rate 'E'
was 0.62 year-1. The spawning season was found to extend from March to July, and the maximum
absolute fecundity was estimated to be 389880 eggs. The yield and biomass per recruit were analysed
using the Beverton and Holt’s yield per recruit Model (1957). Results indicated that there is an
opportunity to expand the fishery of Lutjanus quinquelineatus stock in Hurghada fishing area. But before
any recommendation, the current status of different target species needs to be analysed as the fishery in
Hurghada is multispecies